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Happiness is a choice.Who I work with:

I really like to work with people who:

  • ask questions
  • have an open mind
  • really want to conquer fear in their lives
  • are honest about their feelings and situation
  • wish to become everything they were created to be
  • genuinely want a positive change in their lives - love / work / play

Our life is full of choices and challenges such as surviving birth (wow, that is huge!) - to learning how to eat - how to walk - and millions of others things.

Nothing is accomplished without wanting something so much, that you choose to make it happen. Many men and women have aimed for the Moon and ended up in a satellite orbiting Earth instead - but how awesome is that!

Whether we want to climb Mount Cook, buy a car, build a house, plant a garden, get married, have children, go fishing, or simply play chess every other moment, they are all choices laden with risks - but the rewards are incredible.

Happiness is a choice also.

I chose to receive counsel, wisdom and love from some very special people who have come into my life; likewise, I am very passionate about listening to and encouraging people like yourself, who also CHOOSE to live a happier life too.


Who I do not work with:

I simply cannot help people who:

  • only 'sort of', 'kind off', 'maybe' want to change
  • say: "You've got 30 minutes to fix all my problems; and hurry up about it!"
  • believe that the only way that they will achieve true happiness, is by controlling everyone in their lives
Loneliness is simply not an option
When it comes to fear, the emotion felt is very real...

As the above picture illustrates, life can be a very lonely and fearful walk.

Smile!But as the example below shows, with the right person and information, the various pieces of the jigsaw / our life can be brought together, to show a much clearer and happier picture. And that my friend - is really Good News!

Forming a better picture of my life

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Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.

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