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A little about me...

Marina the young researcherHi there.

My name is Marina and I work as a Holistic Health Consultant and Medical Researcher.

I was born in an outback town in Queensland, Australia; and thankfully I have lived most of my life in rural towns or on farms and have had a lot of freedom to explore this exciting world in which we live in.

As a child, I saw the profound effects of trauma upon my family caused by:

  • war
  • poverty
  • shunning
  • religious impositions
  • alcoholism / addiction
  • and many other such causes / symptoms

All of which lead me to lack confidence and become extremely shy.


Age Of Enlightenment?:

We live in a world with so many wonderful labour saving devices such as: electric lights, refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher etc, yet despite so many awesome convenience items, New Zealand (fast forward to November 2017) has a strained mental health system and extremely high suicide rate! It has been said that we live in the 'Age of enlightenment' - yet it seems like we are really living in 'The age of the nervous breakdown!' instead!

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a fascination as to why various people, including myself, can be so easily afflicted with:

  • guilt
  • pain
  • grief
  • stress
  • shame
  • trauma
  • sickness
  • depression
  • low self esteem
  • suicidal thoughts
  • more...

Farmers live longer than doctors - woo hoo!The Contradictions Of Life:

Life was full of so many glaring inconstancies, for example:

  • In the 1990s in Australia, bus driver's and farmer's average life expectancy was 70, while medical doctor's average life expectancy was just 55! - Why was this so?

  • Mercury is a toxic metal and it is illegal to leave exposed in public places; yet doctors have been routinely injecting mercury into patients and dentists inserting mercury into people's mouths for over a hundred years! Erstwhile both professions have also frequently warned that natural alternatives (like lemon juice etc) are detrimental. - Why was this so?

  • Seriously, how did I get here?Religious studies into why we are here and what is the purpose in life have been banned from most schools and institutions (especially since the year 2000 onwards), resulting in New Zealand now being recognised as a secular society. Subsequently, mocking God, dishonouring parents, killing, adultery, stealing, lying and coveting have all proliferated and continue to cause our prison system to overflow and result in a high suicide rate. Interestingly, once a person achieves the status of 'a prisoner', suddenly it is totally acceptable and even encouraged for inmates to do religious studies / read the Bible etc. - Why is this so?

  • When you tell a woman that she looks beautiful, she becomes beautiful. - Why is this so?

Sickness At An Early Age:

As a teenager, my interests grew to include learning as much as I could about health; especially cancer and degenerative auto immune disease, which I was pre-diagnosed with as a teenager - and subsequently informed that I would not likely live past the age of 23!

And then there was the operations / drugs / loneliness / despair...

Who Could I Talk To For Encouragement?

Who Could I Talk To For Encouragement?

I also discovered how extremely hard it was to find some genuine person to sit down with and talk to in total confidence about my health and fears; and to be heard, loved and nurtured. With thousands of people all around me, why was it so extremely hard to find a mentor?


The Good News!

After years of research into physical and mental health, studying natural methods of healing and experimenting upon myself, I quickly lost interest in the 'Cut / Burn / Poison' approach to health.

It was so exciting to discover that our thoughts and words are extremely powerful, even to the point of deferring an imminent death at 23 years of age; and instead I have lived many decades longer and become happier, healthier and stronger than ever! There really are many proven alternatives to: oppression, sickness, disease, depression, addiction, divorce, loneliness, suicide...

As above, just as I needed someone to talk to and encourage me, I really understand how hard life can be and want you to know that I am only too happy to: listen to you, understand you and even encourage you - in a totally caring, loving, private and confidential environment.

Do you suffer with ill-health or painful hurts? Then feel free to connect with me here to arrange an appointment at 'The Gift in You Consultancy Centre' today.

With love,


Marina working at BRILIN Welness Support Centre
Marina working at BRILIN Welness Support Centre - February 2017
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